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8 bottle Wine Dispenser With Card

  • Smart card reader for management
  • Increase sales by 50%
  • Reduce waste by an industry average of 20%
  • Improve the speed of service
  • Serve every glass at the ideal temperature
  • wine preservation 30+ days
  • Cross over to efficiency and sophistication with our revolutionary system that caters to Bars & Restaurants, Wine Bras, Hotels & Resorts, Wineries & Tasting Rooms, Clubs & Lounges, and Retail & Wine Shops.

✅ Tired of the slow service and unpredictable wine quality?

✅ Feel the pressure of waste eating into your profits while dealing with the complexities of inventory management?

✅  Step into the era of smart serving with our Wine Dispenser. With a simple card swipe, manage your offerings like never before, impress your patrons with lightning-fast service, and pour every glass at its ideal temperature.

8 bottle Wine Dispenser With Card | FUHUI

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Why do you need a wine dispenser machine?

The use of a wine dispenser machine has become increasingly popular over the last few years as people look for an easier and more cost-efficient way to serve their favorite wines. A wine dispenser machine is a device that dispenses the exact amount of wine desired by its user at the touch of a button.

How long can a wine dispenser keep red wine fresh?
The wine divider uses food-grade nitrogen, and through the advanced wine divider system, the opened red wine can be kept fresh for more than 30 days.

Gary Marketing Manager